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Loco Espadrilles might be the pickiest espadrilles designers on earth, but the results speak for themselves. There is no single detail left to random. Every piece on the espadrille has been designed by our dedicated design team. The efforts have resulted in espadrilles that are not only good looking, comfortable and practical. No, they are – just – freaki´n - awesome! Click here above to choose whether you would like to buy espadrilles for him or for here. Either way you can buy the espadrilles online and send these directly to your home. We will deliver the espadrilles as fast as we can after your online order, and you will probably become a happy customer and hopefully come back to us soon again! Why? Because Loco Espadrilles is the worlds most awesome espadrilles brand. Enjoy the colorful summer shoes with a mojito or two. We will always be dedicated to produce high quality espadrilles, and sell these at a fair price, so everybody can enjoy the summer shoes as much as we do. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our espadrilles! We would love to help you out when you are buying your awesome pair of espadrilles ;)

What´s an espadrille?

Espadrilles have been made since the 14th century in both France and Spain. There are several stores in the Basque country (France - Spain) that have been making espadrilles for over a century! Researchers have found espadrilles that are as old as 4000 years. The traditional espadrille shoe has a upper canvas with toe and vamp cut in one piece. This piece of the espadrille is usually seamed to the rope sole at the sides. Espadrilles from that time do often have laces at the throat around the ankle so the shoe is kept in place. Espadrilles is a unisex shoe worn both by men and women. Today espadrilles are used as fashion product all over the world. They are amazing summer shoes that we highly recommend everybody to wear during the hot summer season. They are not only very comfortable, but also incredible cool! Check out the Loco Espadrilles here.

Why espadrilles?

Because! Espadrilles are like the perfect shoes. They are good looking, comfortable, and pretty cheap compared to other shoes. We can recommend espadrilles to anybody that loves life as much as we do. Just get your pair of Loco Espadrilles now! We ship them globally so everybody in the world can enjoy the espadrilles. The freight cost is almost free globally, and we do think that we can be very competitive when it comes to the price of our espadrilles. They are not expensive, not cheap, but reachable for most people, but the espadrilles quality is at the same time much higher than all of our competitors within the segment. We promise you will be very happy if you buy a pair of Loco Espadrilles. Therefore, we offer you a money back guarantee if you wouldn't be happy when ordering espadrilles from us.

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Espadrilles are flat, casual basically sneakers or running shoes. They rope the canvas soled shoes. Originally, these were used only by peasants, but Toms made it popular. The espadrille shoes today are a fashionable item and seen in fashion shoes that both, men and women love wearing it. These come in high heeled sandals and shoes or even in casual flat varieties. The advantage is that they are extremely comfortable. The origin was from Pyrenees Range Mountains that lies between France and Spain border. The Espadrilles shoes are prominent globally now. The popularity is due to its highest quality representing high fashion and its feature of being eco-friendly. Espadrille is a French word acquired from a Spanish word. Espadrilles can be found in Spain in many shops. There is an extensive range available for women and men and are designed from all over the globe top notch designers. The Espadrilles shoes sole is flat, wedged shaped or platform, while most are in natural rubber or natural jute. The soles in the upper side are a combination of linen and cotton. This is the reason it is regarded as eco-friendly. These shoes are manufactured without using toxic chemicals that may harm the environment. Espadrilles are available in many colors such as white blue, red, violet, cream, black and lots more. They do not look monotonous, instead appear lively and vibrant. Of course, with these shoes also wear appropriate apparel, to avoid looking funny. The espadrilles in flat casual are highly popular and craze. There are women preferring heeled sandals and the best choice is the wedge espadrille shoes. You can now see frequently many celebrities and also fashionable people walking on these shoes. In fact, the espadrille style shoes feature a covered wedge and come with a rope sole. There is a steady increase in demand for these shoes. The Espadrilles are in many types such as slip in, slide, and so on. Among them, some feature ankle strap helping you feet to stay secure. These are jute strap- ons. The Espadrilles sandals manufacturing is a complex and laborious process and to make a fancier design, it involves a lot of work to be done. The best benefit is its comfort in wearing. The softness of the jute gives a feel of walking on soft grass and the added advantage is that your feet do not sweat and stays throughout the day odor free. This is because of the special characteristics of jute that allows air to easily pass through and as Espadrilles is made of jute, it ensures benefit to you and the environment.