7 Reasons For Going Veggie

We are very happy that it has become more and more common to become a vegetarian these days. There is no greater feeling than doing something useful, feeling fresh, and being kind to our beautiful animals and environment at the same time. 

If you are thinking about going veggie, but are not totally convinced yet, we have listed seven reasons why you should take the step and go over to the greener side.


One of the most common reasons for becoming a vegetarian is for health reasons. Studies and research show that vegetarians rarely suffer from heart diseases, cancer, or diabetes as opposed to people who eat non-vegetarian food.

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The Environment

The environment is very much affected by the food that we eat, much more than you can imagine. As a matter of fact, meat production destroys nature. For example, it takes about 30,000 liters of water to make a kilo of minced meat. The more meat we consume, the more crops that are used to feed the animals, which means a higher consumption of plant nutrition.



Being a vegetarian also affects your finances. Eating vegetarian food is much cheaper in the long term than eating mixed foods. The price of meat and fish is more expensive than, for example, vegetables, lentils, and beans.


Cleaner Food

A vegetarian diet contains less heavy metals and environmental hazards than a mixed diet does, and that would mean a stronger and healthier body.

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Consume Everything You Need

A myth about vegetarians is that we do consume enough of everything that the body needs. A vegetarian diet is at least as nutritious to the body as mixed food, since typical vegetarian foods like lentils, beans, quinoa, quorn, etc., are very rich in protein and vitamins.

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The Animals

You have certainly seen horror pictures and movies on animals living in terrible conditions in anticipation of slaughter. If you are eating vegetarian, more animals will not be subjected to this type of misery.

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Skip The Food Coma

Do you recognize the heavy and bloated feeling after eating a big piece of meat? Large amounts of meat can be difficult for our stomach to digest, and if you had a vegetarian dish instead, you would skip the food coma, feel more alert, and find yourself in so much better shape throughout the day.

Have we done enough convincing to persuade you to live a greener life yet?

I don´t know about you, but all of a sudden I feel like Buttered Broccoli :)

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