15 Things To Do on a Sunday to Start Your Week Off Right!

Don't let Sundays be filled with anxiety because you have a stressful week ahead of you. Here are 15 ways that will make you meet Monday morning with harmony and positivity.

Many people suffer from Sunday anxiety every week. Often it is a sense of insufficiency and anxiety over everything you must do, perhaps mixed with the feeling of not being where you want in life. If the coming week has too many ‘to-do's’, it's easy to build up stress and feel bad about the coming week. But with smart planning and a little self-treat, you can come across the Sunday anxiety. Here are our best life-hacks that make the upcoming week much easier.

1. Treat yourself with some extra sleep in the morning

It can be difficult to get to your eight hours each night. There are studies that show that some extra sleep in the morning can compensate for sleep deprivation quite well.

2. Prioritize your to-do list

Finish the big, heavy projects first, and get them of your way. Immediately your day - and even the whole week will feel easier at once.

3. Organize your calendar

Go through and review what the week has to offer. Is there something you need to prepare for? Something you need to take control over to make your days move smoother?

4. Break down the big goals for the week

Break down big goals or projects into smaller tasks. This way makes it easier for you to achieve the big goal during the whole week instead of having all the big work in front of you.

5. Prioritize yourself!

Do not forget to spend time on your health, family, friends, and recovery.

6. Prepare the lunch of the week

Prep a big meal on Sunday night so you have lunch boxes at least during the first few days in the coming week. This will save you both time and money.

7. Plan the week's outfits

And make sure the clothes are not dirty or wrinkled, or that the shirt you will need is in the laundry.

8. Take a moment of silence and reflection

A jogging round, a yoga pass, a while in the bathtub - just you and your thoughts.

9. Do something luxurious

Treat yourself! Buy fresh flowers, create a home spa or go out eat a long brunch. On Sundays, you need to be nice to yourself!

10. Clean somewhere

The fridge, the mailbox, the phone book, the computer, or the underwear box for example. The feeling afterwards gives the best satisfaction.

11. Write down words that give you pep for the week

You may want to be braver? Nicer? Calmer? Healthier? Write down the week's intention and words on a post-it and put it on the fridge or the bathroom mirror.

13. Go for a walk in the forest

Walking in the woods brings lots of health benefits. Research also shows that nature is best in curing stress diseases and fatigue syndrome.

14. Turn off the screens and hang out with your loved ones

Play games, put a puzzle, bake, go bowling, play a soccer game. Quality time strengthens the ties between you and your loved ones.

15. Go to bed on time

Then you wake up fresh and ready to take on a new week.

Inspiration from PureWow.

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