3 Tips on How To Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool to find your inner calm, becoming one with your mind and being in the moment. But how can you get there?

Meditating is about exercising your mind and letting hard work rest for a while. Meditation is good for your body and soul since it reduces stress, increases your concentration, and contributes to a better sleep. But for a beginner, it's hard to know how to get started. There are different meditation techniques to end up in the right mindset. LOCO will, therefore, give you the tools to be present and learn how to observe your thoughts and to understand yourself better.


For some, it takes silence to be able to meditate. Perhaps in a secluded room with only your breath as a company. For some, it is enough to lie down and for others, it helps to sit in an easy pose with hands resting on the knee.

No pressure

You do not have to spend a whole hour for it to count as meditation. You also do not need total silence or sit in a special position. Everyday meditation can be done on a bus, in a food queue or even at the office.

Think of the thoughts as if it were clouds passing.

Meditation is about listening inward and focusing on breathing: breathe iiiin through the nose as much as you can and breathe ouuuut through the nose until the air stops. Some may experience the thoughts "coming and disturbing" and suddenly you just sit and think about what to eat for dinner in the evening.

But meditating is not about the disappearance of thoughts - it's impossible. It may help to think of the thoughts as if it were clouds passing. You notice the thought just as if you were looking up to the sky and watching a cloud pass - but just let the thought (the cloud) pass without digging into it.

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