Advantages of wearing espadrilles

1. Keeps your feet fresh all day

The jute utilized in espadrilles keeps your feet odor and sweat free, since it is a material that allows air to pass through smoothly. Perfect for those hot summer days!

Espadrilles keeps your feet fresh all day

2. Perfect for long walks

Comfortable shoes like espadrilles do not only provide your feet with comfort, but their good cushioning also protect your spine from harm. That is why they are perfect for long walks.

Espadrilles are perfect for walks

3. Travel-friendly

Espadrilles are an excellent travel shoe. They are easy to pack, lightweight, fashionable, comfortable and as mentioned before, as they are made out of breathable materials, they keep your feet sweat and odor free! With its wide range of prints, there is an espadrille for every occasion.

Espadrilles are travel-friendly

4. Eco-friendly

The materials espadrilles are made of are eco-friendly, like jute, linen, and cotton. And all our products at Loco are also animal-friendly, as we would never use materials from animals.

Espadrilles are eco-friendly

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