Add More Colour to Your Life With LOCO’s Style Guide

Here at LOCO, we totally love colours and mixed prints. But finding the right colours and matching prints takes time. Dare to be creative and experiment with different colours and prints and you will have a successful wardrobe. A colourful style reflects and enhances your personality and gives you an incredible energy. Wondering how to get a colourful style and how you should think when putting together outfits? We'll tell you now!

Exclude black on the shopping list

Perhaps a horror scenario for many - but if the goal is a wardrobe with colour, then this is a first step in the right direction.

Let your style take time

It's easy to end up in "jeans and a sweater" because it's comfortable and because it's quick to put that kind of outfit together. To find the right style and to rebuild a closet to a more colourful way takes time. But let it take time! See it as a fun hobby! Many people think a good style just happens overnight - but it's just like anything else - the more time you spend on something, the better it gets.

Don't underestimate accessories

Would it be a too big step to exclude black completely? We understand. You can soft-start by mixing more colour through your accessories instead. A bag, shoes, socks that may be visible in the shoes, or a scarf can really make a big impact on a simple outfit that consists of base colours.

Different shades in the same look

An effective way to handle colour is to use the same colour throughout the look but with different shades of it.

Do not get stuck in style “rules”

It is also easy to get caught by the unwritten rules that say some colours can’t be matched together or different styles should not be mixed. Can we just agree on that we shall ignore all those unwritten rules, please? As long as you feel comfortable with what you wear, it will give you that self-confidence that strikes away all unwritten rules and clothing codes that ever existed.

Build a colourful wardrobe from the ground

Invest in the wardrobe's base garments like the shoes, blazer, jeans and jacket in shaded colours - but still something different than black. It will give you endlessly combination options. When the majority of your closet is coloured garments, you will find out that the black blazer suddenly stands out from the crowd and that all colourful clothes feel as obvious as the rainbow itself.

Pick up a colour from a print

A good and effective way of styling is to pick up a colour from a patterned piece of your outfit, for example from your animal printed Buttered Broccoli espadrilles. Pick up one or more colours from the pattern and stick to that for the rest of the outfit. In this way, you can have a really colourful outfit that still feels harmonious and beautiful.

Mix and match!

To get a playful style and wardrobe is also about daring to mix different styles. Mix a dress with sporty influences or mix the feminine with more androgynous and manly garments.

Own your look

The more you own your style, the less people stare. Or maybe people are staring but you do not notice it - just because you feel so comfortable and fabulous in your look :)

Inspired by Hanna MW in Styleby.

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