From The Founders

"It all started with a little craziness and a bright idea"
We started LOCO - not only because we wanted to offer women the perfect fit espadrilles, handmade with high quality, and for a decent price - but also because we wanted to add humor, personality and edginess to it.
We believe in the bigger picture - something we ourselves go after everyday and truly feel is the only way of living life.
We started LOCO feeling nothing is impossible. Believing in taking risks, like we always have, because risks bring rewards.
We believe that everyday is a new opportunity to take new actions and make new decisions for yourself, and be the best you can be. What we do may sometimes seem crazy, but if you don´ t dare to be a little LOCO every now and then, how much fun would life be?
Being LOCO everyday is what we are passionate about and this is why we do what we do. So you can say we practice what we preach - literally.