Our Story

The LOCO Story
Spreading positive energy, inspiring you to be the best you can be, and creating high quality espadrilles. These are our goals, and these goals inspire everything that we do at LOCO.

There is a long and strong history behind the espadrille sandal.

The first pair of espadrilles was created all the way back in the 13th century. Its origins can be traced all the way to the Occitania and Catalonia areas of the Pyrenees on the Spanish and French border. The name ”espadrille” comes from the word esparto, and is a reference to the plant that makes up the iconic sole of the shoe. Espadrilles was originally created to be simple and functional - one of the reasons why LOCO wanted to renew and develop this wonderful product. 
All parts of our shoe are carefully selected by our design team, and only the best materials are good enough for our LOCOs. Being sustainable in everything that we do includes only the use of animal-friendly materials in our espadrilles. The sole is 100% natural jute, which guarantees great breathability and comfort, making it great to wear your LOCOs all year round. The rubber layer on the outside of the sole provides protection and also offers an anti-slip surface, thanks to the surface of the sole.