For A Sustainable Tomorrow
We do not only craft handmade espadrilles - we also do this with careful consideration to our beautiful animals and the environment.
All of our espadrilles are made with eco-friendly materials. The fabrics consist of natural jute and cotton, combined with fake leather and fake suede (no, we would never use real leather in our espadrilles). We incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do - from our sourcing methods to our material choices and delivery practices, sustainability is always an integral aspect.
We are proud of our actions. We take full responsibility. We can be 100% transparent in every aspect of our business.

Good is never good enough. We endlessly work to ensure that all espadrilles sold through LOCO are sustainable from both an environmental and social perspective.

LOCO® Espadrilles maintains the highest standards of ethics within our company culture. We aim to operate a team highly rich in diversity and inclusion. We aim to challenge business partners to actively drive positive change across the industry.
This is what it means to be humankind.
This is what it means to be LOCO.